Photon connects to unwanted open networks?

I’m trying to figure out why my devices sometimes try to connect to open networks that I haven’t specified. My wifi setup system involves calling clearCredentials, then I use SoftAP to allow a browser to configure the network.

It sometimes works fine, but in other cases it decides to connect to a random open network instead of the secure network I’ve specified. These are networks I never told it about, and later if I check the stored credentials, I’ll see it in the list along with my preferred network. Is that expected behavior? I don’t think it is, as searching here finds people wanting it to do that, though I obviously don’t.

Also, my selected network doesn’t have the best signal, and these open networks have very strong signals. Maybe it decides to go with a stronger open network over my secured network? That doesn’t seem right either.


That’s not expected, but SoftAP could get hijacked by others to store their creds.

Also for clearing credentials you need to make sure the WiFi module is on and it’d be best if you didn’t have an active connection when you do it.

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I’m pretty sure I’m clearing the credentials properly, as I have a display that lists them and has a button for clearing them. WiFi is off unless needed, so when the clear button is pressed I turn on WiFi and call clearCredentials, and I can see the list is now empty.

As for hijacking, I doubt that’s the case here, though you’re right it would be possible in the brief time I’m listening for credentials.