Photon Compilation without Cloud Support

Hi there,

In my Photon, I need to flash an app without Internet and Cloud dependency.

The Core have the option SPARK_CLOUD=n.

Someone know how to do something similar with the Photon?


Hi @gustavotemple

See this doc on System Modes:

You have full control.


Thank you very much!

Just a last question: what is the difference than system mode MANUAL and the option SPARK_CLOUD=n ?

Hi @gustavotemple

I don’t recall exactly what SPARK_CLOUD=n did, but I believe it was closer to system mode SEMI_AUTOMATIC in that WiFi was still connected at startup time but the Cloud was not.

AFAIK (or remember) the point of SPARK_CLOUD=n was to also free some space in the very limited flash of the Core for bigger projects.

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I didn’t remeber–thanks @ScruffR!

If that is the compile-time switch that removes the cloud code, you will have to (1) compile locally using the gcc tool flow, and (2) switch from modular to monolithic firmware in order for this to work.

There is not much need for removing the cloud code on a Photon since there is a lot more code space.