Phant webhook example(s)?

Is anyone using webhooks to feed data to sparkfun’s free phant service and willing to share an example ?

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@AndyW i did a simple test and this works:

	"eventName": "phantme_",
		"url": "",
		"requestType": "GET",
		"query": {
			"private_key": "PASTE_PRIVATE_KEY_HERE",
			"temp": "30.1",
			"humidity": "86.10"
		"noDefaults": true,
		"mydevices": true

The issue is i’m wondering how are you going to update multiple values using the webhook…

There seems to be a phant library that might work better for multi variable logging though :smile:

I saw the phant library that makes direct http connections from the device to the service, I didn’t see any recent updates. However, I would prefer to use the particle ecosystem if I can.

One variable logging sounds fine but you will quickly hit into rate limiting with a regularly called webhook

If I’m attempting to do something of the order of between 1 and 8 metrics every 5 minutes, I do not see why anyone would rate cap me.