Paypal purchase not redirecting back

HI, I tried 3 times today to make a purchase each time selecting Paypal as the payment method. At the end of the authorization process it said that I was authorizing Celery to make charges on my Paypal account: Do you agree to this? Select Agree or Cancel. Every time I hit agree and it responded by saying it was returning me to Celery, not to Personally, I think that’s where the glitch is: The Celery setup process hijacks the buying process (as it did in all three cases here), and the person is never redirected back to the actual purchase page to fully complete the purchase. This is why I never got a receipt and why Paypal has no record of me making the purchase. When I make a purchase on other sites, I’m always redirected back to the site to finalize the purchase details and then confirm it. I never made it back to

Subsequently, I was able to make a separate purchase from your site using credit card. I immediately got a receipt. Again, I think the problem is that Celery is actually bad for your health. :wink:

I hope this helps.

One other thing in terms of the buying process that I think needs attention: There’s really no provision for buying as a product as a gift and sending it to an address that’s different from the purchaser’s address. It would probably help you and the purchaser to have a means to separate the shipping address versus the address of the purchaser. The purchase page asks: Who is this for? It’s a gift. I put down my friend’s address. And email. Does he get the order notification?! I don’'t want him to get the order notification. It’s a gift! I’m afraid he already did. Just because there’s no provision for me to make a purchase that I want delivered to someone else.

Can you fix that! I didn’t receive an order notification. I suspect he did. Frustrating. :scream:

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Changing your title to be more informative for future forum users :slight_smile:

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Perfect! Thank you. It’s much better.

@mikethechapparticle thanks for your post! I’m Jeff, the engineer responsible for building the store. I’m reaching out to Celery directly to try and get to the bottom of this.



I did just go through the purchase flow myself and was redirected correctly back to the order success page after Checkout with Paypal. What is slightly confusing is that the Paypal page tells the user that they will be redirected back to Celery, even though you are really going back to

I checked with Celery: there is no customization of the Paypal checkout page possible, so there unfortunately isn’t anything we can do at this time to make this language more clear.

And yes, whatever email you use during checkout will received the confirmation email. I’m sorry this wasn’t made clear. We don’t currently support checkout as a gift, but I think it would be a great improvement!

Thanks, Jeiden. On both counts - clearer language and the possibility of a gift scenario - would be great improvements. I’m not sure Celery understands the client they have. I know enough about online storefronts to know that these things are not only possible but easy. Particle is going places,.Celery should be falling all over themselves to make it happen. Language change and different bill/Ship addresses are the way of ecommerce.
All the best.