Password Reset Token

Hi, I’m using this call in the iOS SDK to generate a password reset email:

-(NSURLSessionDataTask *)requestPasswordResetForCustomer:(NSString *)email productId:(NSUInteger)productId completion:(nullable SparkCompletionBlock)completion_

From this reference:

That’s working fine, and the email contains the {{link}} plus an appended token (&t=token). Is there any way to get ahold of this token when you submit the request? I’ve made the /v1/products//customers/reset_password request manually, but it just returns this message:

“message”:“Reset password email sent successfully”

I’d like to be able to coordinate with my site to validate the token. I want to send a separate call to my own API to say, “This token will be coming your way for this email; allow the token and the email address must match.” Unless I’m missing another call, anyone could just make-up a token. Furthermore, I don’t see where to submit this token when changing the user’s password: I don’t believe that call is in the iOS SDK, but I have the token, so I can just make it manually.

Thank you for your help.