Particle Wifi connection poblem

Hi, just got a brand new particle internet button, and always failing to set it up - fails via anroid app and also via cli.
So I guess it might be the same problem as with the stupid lego mindstorms ev3, which does NOT support passwords of a length like 44 characters.
Or has the photon problems with special signs like @ within the ssid?

Btw. is there a way to run it withoud this stupid cloud feature which hurts my privacy?
Best would be to have a setup in the code like in arduino code.

Thanks for help.

You can go SYSTEM_MODE(MANUAL) which does not activate the cloud connection.

That’s an interesting one, or do you only use your Android phone with radio off :wink:


Not with radio off, but with all google cloud services turned off, because cloud is evil - only my owncloud is allowed … ok I have seen there is an particle home server, but compared to arduino this makes things more complicated for me - I only wanted to use the internet button to WOL my NAS and latern then shut it down - there is no need for complicated cloud stuff in this.

@powerstat, yes, it is absolutely possibly to work without the cloud. As @scruffr wrote, you can switch off the cloud usage. And you can compile locally. I do this all the time. It is not as easy to setup as Arduino, but if your privacy is worth it, then it is a small price to pay.

Actually, you don’t even have to compile locally. You can still use the online IDE to flash your devices if you place them Safe Mode. It will then connect to the cloud (which won’t matter since there’s shouldn’t be anything compromising in the code?), after which you can flash it with code. If you choose to use manual mode, you can control the connections it makes from code, like @ScruffR mentioned.

Saying things like “stupid cloud feature” and “cloud is evil” goes a bit far if you ask me. ANY connected device, regardless of whether or not it uses ‘the cloud’ can and will be compromised if enough effort is put into it. Please don’t live in the illusion that because you toggled a switch on your phone, folks are no longer able to track you. It’s still their operation system after all. Accepting cookies gives them plenty of information already. Not to mention viruses, Trojan, and backdoor…