Particle Shipment marked as GIFT?

Hi Particle Team,

Is there any way i can tag my shipment as “Gift” ?
Idea is NOT to mark it as a regular “commercial merchandise” but to label is as “Gift”.

Cheers …

I think you will find that the tax authorities are just as clever and will figure this out.

e.g. here in Europe it is absolutely irrelevant what the customer payed for something.
If it’s new you will be charged VAT and if the worth of it (provided via receipt otherwise estimated) exceedes a limit (~50€) you’ll be charged import toll too.
So there is no benefit in marking it as gift to avoid VAT & toll.

Thanks @bko :smile: and @ScruffR
I believe its more like geogrpahical, where you are located.
Ordering merchendise for “testing and protoyping” usually does not fall in that specific category say if the item belongs to “IT Equipment” category. In UAE (Dubai), i think you can get away with few extra tax if ordered as “gift”.
It depends where you are situated and improvise while remaining within the legalities, that why i asked :slight_smile: