`particle product device list <product>` often returns Permission denied

I am logged in using CLI… (I use password and 2nd factor token)

Sometimes when I run particle product device list 503, I get a list of devices. But most of the time I get a “Permission denied” error.

Why is the result inconsistent?

My setup:
I am using particle version 2.14.0 on armv71 (raspbian on raspberry pi 4).

Because it is raspbian (arm architecture), I had to:
sudo apt install build-essential libudev-dev python3 dfu-util openssl before running npm install -g particle-cli. I found it was important to install libudev-dev and build-essential because the transient dependencies of particle-cli (serialport and usb) don’t have prebuilts for armv71. So it falls back to building with nodegyp… which requires make/python/etc… and libudev-dev.

Also note: I am using nvm and my default global nodejs is v12.22.3.

~/.particle contains: help.config.json, Opti.config.json, particle.config.json profile.json. (It does not contain other files because I did the advance install (ie: npm install -g particle-cli) because the curl’d bash script method doesn’t work on arm because the prebuilt binaries were not available.

FYI: I created a pull request to update the README.md with these requirements on armv71 architecture: See Install notes for arm architectures by darcyparker · Pull Request #615 · particle-iot/particle-cli · GitHub

And for a different product: particle product device list 37 I get:
Error listing product devices: HTTP error 404 from https://api.particle.io/v1/products/37/devices?page=1