Particle powered truck

Ever seen a 1994 Toyota Pickup with 21st century tech? well now you have!

I used:

1 x boron
2 x RFID RC522
4 x relays
2 x power door locks (didn’t have them originally)
1 x button (not featured in video but used to toggle door locks from inside)
1 x 3 position switch (rewired ignition used switch to set state)
1 x cnick wood ring (rfid)

other features not show is remote lock and unlock from my phone.

I need to clean up my code a bit then i will share it on github

other features planned:
GPS tracking
light sensor to auto turn lights on and off
error code reader when check engine light is on
remote start (I need to rewire the trucks safety feature that the clutch needs to be engaged to start. I will just check if it is in neutral instead)

because I feel crazy features (maybe but probably not)
replace dash with LCD display with the following features
-add battery voltage level
-add tachometer


Thanks for sharing. This looks like a great project, @drewlachlan. Do you have plans to write a tutorial?

Auto Window open or part open for those hot sunny days.

that would be fun but then i would have to add power windows as well

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yeah I will try to get something together so people can build it themselves but i have a few too many open projects right now that i need to get off my plate before i will have time to do it.


super fun idea and the ring you found is pretty cool! I was wondering what RFID reader you used to work with the ring. I’m looking on Amazon and there are a number of them with the RC522 system in them. you mentioned that you were getting more parts that would give you more range for starting the car. What did you use in the first round, and what are you looking to use in the second iteration :). Thanks!

Thanks, I did use the RC522. I found a video of a guy showing that replacing 2 of the inductors gave it another inch or so. I got the inductors the other day but haven’t had enough time to try it. It is a little risky I may break my reader but I have a couple extra.

Another interesting thing is that I have found that when it is hot I can start it without removing my ring. Not sure the physics involved there.

If that doesn’t work I may look into other readers but I really hope I don’t have to because others are more expensive.

Drew -
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! Not sure on the physics behind the temperature dependent operation, but my guess would be that one of the electrical components (resistor/capacitor/inductor) changes values with temperature and it may increase the gain of the antennae. probably in the same way that you are hoping to replace 2 of the inductors… Just a guess :).

I’m totally new to the RFID reader market so I’m interested in knowing what readers you found that the CNICK ring works with. I found a 5 pack of readers on amazon for about $13 so I figured I would give it a try. Just wondered what ones you used and if you found some that didn’t work.

Thanks for any info!

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I only tried the RC522 got it to work pretty easy however I had a hard time connecting 2 at once. I didn’t understand that some of the signal lines are shared. But the there are a few posts on the forum and a few YouTube videos showing how to do it properly.

nice one! Enjoy your DrPepper now :slight_smile:

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Very fun. Will the truck continue to run if the Boron crashes, reboots, or loses power?

Yeah the switch on the left is what holds the power in the run position. The boron and relay only is needed to start it. It also controls the locks but it doesn’t need to be connected to internet to work which is why I used the RFID so it would all be local. But I can unlock it with my phone remotely. If the battery dies I have other problems. If the power resets on the boron it is only a few seconds before it is back up.

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