Particle Photon's suddenly offline

Hello All

We have some 500 photons that went offline all of a sudden over the last 60 minutes and customers are ringing. They are located in different client sides with different WiFi networks and went off air all of a sudden.

From what we can see some of them have reconnected now but:

  1. Cloud round trip time is very slow on those that have connected.
  2. Many have still not reconnected. LED on photon is flashing Aqua.

Hope someone can shed some light on this.



It seems like the clients affected may all be with the same mobile broadband network provider and perhaps that is where the real issue lies, but if anyone else is experiencing these issues and the outage is perhaps cloud related, I would be interested in hearing feedback.

Hey there @aggarwak – we haven’t seen comparable reports from other customers and our systems seem normal at this time. Please let us know if you confirm or eliminate the broadband provider as the source of the issue.