Particle Photon & LinkNYC Connectivity

I’m trying to get the Google Maps integration to work on a Photon using LinkNYC Wi-Fi. Are all LinkNYC hotspots 5GHz networks? An article on GigaOM says that they switch between 2.4 GHz & 5GHz. Would the Photon disconnect (or) remain connected but not send out any data?
If I want to transmit data throughout the city, is getting a Boron the only option?

I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to use LinkNYC Wi-Fi because I believe it uses a captive portal to ask you for your email address and agree to terms of service. That’s not supported on the Photon (or Argon).

An Electron or Boron would probably work more reliably.

Thanks @rickkas7 for the quick response. Alternatively, I’m trying to connect using my personal hotspot but that seems to be flaky as well. Frequent disconnections are a major issue. Does the hotspot switch between a 2.4 & 5GHz channels?

Not knowing what hotspot you’re using makes it virtually impossible to answer any questions regarding said hotspot. Some hotspots time out after a while, or due to low/no data usage, so that might be a factor too.

Sorry @Moors7 I’m creating a hotspot through iOS using the personal hotspot option. I can see the photon blinking green & the phone showing ‘1 device connected’ but it never breathes cyan. It blinks green for a while and then goes back to blue.