Particle Photon like product using STM32F207’s ethernet,cloud handshake error -19

The custom (Photon like, STM32F207 Ethernet, instead of Wifi) device acquires dynamic IP, resolves dns of, creates a spark socket and connects to it, able to receive nonce of 40 bytes, but couldn’t receive key and fails with an error code of -19.

Also unable to use Particle CLI since it says dfu device not found. But the boot loader dfu works with ID’s 0x483:DF11 (It’s a Nucleo STM32F207 Kit) and also able to dfu the cloud_public.der at the location 2082/34. Need help to resolve this error. And by the way no smart configuration option.


Hi @Maddy5075,

Sounds cool! When we manufacture our devices, we provision them on our cloud, so if you’re making a device from scratch, then we need to explicitly give it permission to use the Particle cloud and services. Are you making one of these? 10,000? Can you send me a private message on the forums to chat about it?

If you want to use the CLI, just make sure you add your device to the list of DFU addresses it looks for ( ).