Particle Photon and Adafruit 32x64 RGB LED Matrix


This is from board no 2. Same result.


As I said, I believe the pin definition in the RGBMatrixPanel library, which is used by RGBPongClock and RGBPixelClock, is using an incorrect pin assignment for the OSHPark board. I am working on fixing the issue with the RGBMatrixPanel library as we speak. To be more specific, the RGBMatrixPanel.cpp file uses the following definitions:

#elif defined (STM32F2XX)	//Photon
  #define R1	D0		// bit 2 = RED 1
  #define G1	D1		// bit 3 = GREEN 1
  #define B1	D2		// bit 4 = BLUE 1
  #define R2	D3		// bit 5 = RED 2
  #define G2	D4		// bit 6 = GREEN 2
  #define B2	D5		// bit 7 = BLUE 2

For the OSHPark board, this should be:

#elif defined (STM32F2XX)	//Photon
  #define R1	WKP	// bit 2 = RED 1
  #define G1	A5		// bit 3 = GREEN 1
  #define B1	D2		// bit 4 = BLUE 1
  #define R2	D3		// bit 5 = RED 2
  #define G2	D4		// bit 6 = GREEN 2
  #define B2	D5		// bit 7 = BLUE 2


Oh ok… Thank you sooo much :smiley:


@jrjack… still working on the update. I actually don’t have an OSHPark board to test with but I do have a V4 board to make sure the changes work on it. Stay tuned.


Haha thanks! I have been checking on a daily basis so i am fully tuned.

And if its not obvious, I really appreciate you taking out the time to do this :slight_smile:


It looks like it’s working pretty good in that picture where you say you are holding the board to the LED panel and the time and pong paddles show up as they are supposed to. That means it’s working like it should as far as displaying the time.


I had a question about that as well. Is the display size coming up fine, given i had set the parameters for a 32 x 64? I was expecting it to center it self for the entire screen.


I think that’s normal if you have only changed the settings at the top.

I had to modify some other numbers in the actual code that runs the pong clock to get it to expand out to the full display.

I’m using the same 64x32 display running a modified version of Paul’s code for a couple years now. Love it.


Oh ok…Any good resource/guide i can take at look at on how to program these display properly? I basically just want to be able to do basic formatting of text. Nothing fancy.


I modified the font of the text on some of the time screens.

I can share my code later if you want it, it’s been a while since i used it.

It’s customized to pull data from a weather service and to display that across a scrolling screen. It may confuse you.


I get confused by code on a daily basis. Nothing new :slight_smile:


@peekay123 @ScruffR @jrjack

Here is the code I run on the same size display that you have.

It displays:

Time, Day & Date, Weather Temp / Humidity, Current Weather Conditions, Next 15 Min Weather Conditions, and next 3 hour weather conditions.

I’m pulling weather from DarkSky weather service.

Here is the webhook template you can use to pull data from Darksky weather after you enter your own custom API key.

    "event": "DarkSkyWeather",
    "responseTopic": "",
    "errorResponseTopic": "",
    "url": "{{lat-lon}}",
    "requestType": "GET",
    "noDefaults": false,
    "rejectUnauthorized": true,
    "responseTemplate": "<WeatherDescription>{{currently.summary}}</WeatherDescription><FeelsLikeTemp>{{currently.apparentTemperature}}</FeelsLikeTemp><Humidity>{{currently.humidity}}</Humidity><Wind>{{currently.windSpeed}}</Wind><CloudCover>{{currently.cloudCover}}</CloudCover><UVindex>{{currently.uvIndex}}</UVindex><MinSummary>{{minutely.summary}}</MinSummary><HourlySummary>{{hourly.summary}}</HourlySummary><DailySummary>{{daily.summary}}</DailySummary><Sunrise>{{}}</Sunrise><Sunset>{{}}</Sunset>"


Hey @RWB

Thank you for posting your code. The text alignment looks good now. I had the same flickering problem but after making the modification @peekay123 had recommended everything seems stable now :slight_smile:




Happy to share some code that I put some time into adjusting to get a decent look on all the screens.

Did you get the weather forecast updates webhook setup & working? The constant weather updates is what makes it so much better than a regular clock in my opinion.


@RWB And we appreciate all your efforts :slight_smile:

Unfortunately no, of all the things i have done with Particle Devices so far, what i have not done is played around with webhooks. But i guess this would be a good opportunity to get familiar with it.


Yea perfect opportunity and very easy to do since you can just copy the web hook code I provided into the custom code part when setting up the Webhook in the Particle Console.

All you need is to get a API key from Darksky for free.