Particle P1 USB Port for Programming?


I want to use USB-Connection for programming via CLI and currently use this for Photon Module. But final Hardware will have P1 Module and when looking at the Reference - Schematics the USB-Connection-Pins are marked as MCU_USB_DP & MCU_USB_DM.

But in Pinout of P1 there is just OTG_FS_DP & OTG_FS_DM - Can I use those Pins for programming via USB?

Ping @rickkas7

Yes, when adding a P1 USB programming port you use OTG_FS_DP and OTG_FS_DM.

61    MICRO_UART1_RTS    PA12    OTG_FS_DP (USB D+)
62    MICRO_UART1_CTS    PA11    OTG_FS_DM (USB Dā€”)

One example of this is the SparkFun Photon RedBoard, which is actually a P1 board. The schematic shows the USB connector connected to those pins.


Thanks @rickkas7!