Particle Mesh Location Services

I am using the GoogleMaps API for device location and this working nicely. I was wondering with the BLE based Mesh whether it would be possible to locate devices more accurately in relation to the gateway device - a bit like differential GPS. What I am trying to do is locate devices within +/- 1 metre within an office space. I have seen BLE based beacons that can locate accurately within a building.

Just to clarify, the new generation isn’t using Bluetooth for mesh, but rather OpenThread. Not sure if that makes a difference for your application though.
If you know the physical location of your devices, I guess you could try triangulating items based on signal strength, though interference (walls), might be problematic.

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@Moors7, Thanks for the correction 802.15.4 rather than Bluetooth. This was what I had in mind:

They claim 3 metre accuracy which would be OK. I guess a better question is: Does openThread have some sort of location service, or could this be developed?


I’m not quite sure if the protocol provides anything for this, but it seems as though the document you mention above is based on the same principles I mentioned in my previous post. Known, fixed location nodes, triangulating location based on signal strengths.
You could simplify this by placing a node in every room, and simply assuming the person is in the room which has a node with the strongest signal. It would reduce accuracy, but also greatly reduce complexity.