Particle Mesh is shipping: everything you need to know


Thank you. Is it possible to gauge where our order falls in the 6000+ based upon the order number. For example if order number 4000 was the first mesh order and I am 6000 I would know that I am about 1/3 down from the beginning of the shipments. If not that is ok too. If the pre orders are mixed in with standard order numbers my idea would not work.


The pre-orders are separated from any other orders placed in the retail store and all of the pre-orders will be shipped before any of the retail orders. The preorders go from 1000-7000 or so, with some orders already shipped out, with a majority of them starting in a couple of days. If you were 4000, you’d be about middle of the road for shipments.


the issue of no notification at time of charge is fairly widespread. there are several posts to the various threads that report the only way the poster became aware of the charge was to check their bank card account. i was among the many who reported no notifications. for instance, a week out from the start of this process i have gotten no email notifications generated by the charge/ship process. my order was complete within 20 mins. of the announcement email on 2/13/18 so i assume i’m close to the front. btw, i understand your process and glad the shipping will start soon.


I was also one of the first to place a pre order but I’m middle of the list now so I’m assuming if you made a change to your order during the wait it may have pushed you back further into the line.


yes @RWB. I have heard that. i have made no changes, additions, or otherwise. it is the same as it was on 2/13/18.


Is the order number on the invoice the number that starts with INV7 plus four more digits. Is it these four that you said start at 1000 and go to 7000+? Otherwise there is no order number that can be seen by me the customer. Thanks again.


In the top right corner of the invoice, it should say “Customer PO# : MP----”

The 4 digits after the MP are what I was referring to.


I can confirm that. I made several changes to my order and my number is 6227. I was bumped to the back of the line. I also received no invoice. Had to request it via support ticket. It’s okay, just another couple weeks of anticipation.


Ordered and changed my order on the 13th Feb. I’ve had no email and only noticed via by bank account. Lack of emails seems very widespread.


Ordered before 1am on Feb 14th, never changed my order.

I found out from my bank that I was billed on Saturday, no communication from Particle. I get that delays happen, especially with something this complicated, and have no problem with that, but the lack of meaningful communication beyond 6 weeks of essentially it’s shipping any day now is another thing.


You live and you learn… I ordered early on but made changes late in the piece which had the effect of dropping me way down on the list. As a consequence my package is likely to arrive shortly after I have gone overseas for a month.

I have made alternative delivery arrangements but there is a finite chance of my package going astray, a loss I cannot afford. All I can do is hope… Had I known I would not have made the changes.

Give Particle credit where it is due. My credit card was debited a few days before I received an invoice by email but such delays are understandable given the number of orders Particle is handling. Many other companies would have debited the card when the order was placed not shortly before delivery is scheduled.


I also have the same no invoice situation. My card was charged a week ago, but no comms from Particle that I didn’t initiate. I also found out I’m near 6000 in numbering, but ordered in the first hours of availability. I changed my order and that pushed me back in the que.


@ninjatill @OziGreybeard & @jimbol - Thanks for being patient and understanding. I’m looking into the reason why people who’ve made edits to their order were bumped down. I’ll update this once I know more.

@JumpMaster & @DevRandom - I know we’ve sent lots of email out, but it’s looking like quite a number of people haven’t received them. I know we sent something out a couple weeks ago (late October) saying we were about to start charging cards, etc. You should have gotten the invoice once your card was charged, but it’s looking like a decent amount of people never received that. If you want a copy of that, just submit a ticket here and I’ll get that for you.


Question: Do the Boron LTE kits come with Particle SIM cards or do we need to get those separately? I just received my pre-order, the kits state they come with everything needed to get started but, I do not see any SIM cards.

Just wondering if I need to order the SIMs as well.


@nathanpdaniel, the Boron comes with a Particle eSIM on the board. There is also a nano-SIM socket if you want to use your own 3rd party SIM.


Oh fancy! Thank you for the info! I had no idea (and didn’t catch that in the docs).


I wanted to cross-post this here too since there was lots of talk on shipping timelines in this thread too.


I never received an invoice either but I do know that my card was charged and my order date was 2/13. Just wanted to check whether it’s already shipped?


@mnelsoneorm - Hey! I don’t think your order has shipped yet! Most are being queued up with our logistics company today, and like I mentioned before, depending on when your original order was placed, will begin shipping out soon!


My credit card has been charged 10 days ago (my bank sms-ed me).
And I received a paid invoice 6 days ago by email.

I haven’t received any tracking number or shipping update since then.
Do I need to worry?