Particle Mesh is shipping: everything you need to know


Huh, interesting. Did you possibly opt out of Particle communications since then? I can ask someone from our support team to follow up.

cc @KyleG


no opt out on my part. no notifications. nothing.

edit: as of this am [11/1] there has been a charge to my card but no email to that effect.


Like @nrobinson2000, my card was charged yesterday but I haven’t yet received a shipment notification. The website just shows the order.


I am also having the same problem. My card was charged the exact total of my pre order, but I have not received any email or any notifications about it


I was charged also but no email or receipt was received to let me know it happened.

I’m hoping the order ships Friday.


Hey folks. Note that, because we’re shipping out over 6,000 packages using preorder fulfillment workflows that are different from our retail store, the timing and content of communications you receive from Particle will be a little bit different from normal.

Here’s what emails you should expect to receive from us as your preorder is prepped for shipment:

  1. Credit card invoice
    We’re in the process of charging all credit cards submitted with Mesh preorders. Many orders were charged over the last 24 hours, and due to a small issue with our invoicing engine, the invoices for those charges should be delivered in the next 24 hours or so (as soon as this afternoon). Note that a credit card invoice is not indicative that your preorder has shipped. Shipping emails will be handled separately per the process below.

  2. Shipping notification
    Once your preorder has been packed, stamped, and sent out the door, you will receive a shipping notification with your tracking number. Note that it may take ~24 hours after receiving the shipping notification for the included tracking number associated with your order to be trackable online. As previously mentioned in an email to all preorder customers, given the number of preorders it may take several weeks from the start of shipping for all orders to be fulfilled and shipping notifications delivered.

If you haven’t received any email notifications from Particle since you completed your preorder in February, including our most recent email to all mesh customers with the subject, "Particle Mesh begins shipping this Friday!, it is possible that you were removed from our email list either intentionally (by opting out of communications) or accidentally due to an internal error.

If you believe this is the case or you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at

Hope this helps!

Particle Mesh will ship in October

my creditcard have been charged 6 days ago but I can’t find any shipping info or other email. How can I get an update? I received the “Particle Mesh begins shipping this Friday!” email so I don’t think I’m opted out. I’m based in Germany and wan’t to make sure that the correct address is on the package since I have moved in the last 7 months.


Have you read this

If you want to inquire about your order


Thx and yes I have read it. I thought that once the cc was charged it was also going to send a shipping notification in the coming days. That’s usually how pre-orders work. Will drop support an email to see what’s happening


The issue here is that all the shipping details get sent to the Warehouse “simultaneously” with charging the credit cards. While the latter is a task that finishes in seconds no matter how many, packaging the orders is a manual task which will take much longer but is prerequisite for the shipping notification to go out - hence the potentially massive time gap between the two events.

However, if your shipping address was outdated, you might be in luck when your order is not sent out yet, giving you the opportunity to correct it in time :wink:
Maybe you can already add the correct shipping address to the support ticket, to cut out the response time in case of a back and fro conversation.


although i understand the process we are currently in, i.e. bulk charging of cc followed at some point by actual shipping, the following note on the actual order detail page may have raised expectations for a different process,
“Your card will be charged when your order ships. The same card will also be used for Particle Cloud charges like SIM card data.”


Yes, that could have been communicated more clearly. The intention was that your credit card would not be charged when the order placed. It should have said, “near the time of shipping” instead of “when you order ships.”


Hey! I just checked on this for you and I can see that your order has been charged and it’s due to be submitted for fulfillment on Friday. Since your order is pretty early on, it should ship out shortly after that! Once it does ship, you’ll get an email confirming that it shipped as well as having the tracking number for your order.

Let me know if you have any other questions about that! Happy to help!


Can you please tell me the status of my order also?


Sure thing. You’re actually in the same boat as sjunnesson. Your order has been charged successfully and it’s due for submission on Friday. You’re about halfway in-between the total orders (about 3000 out of 6000 or so), so it’ll most likely ship out mid-late next week. Once it does ship, you’ll get an email confirming that it shipped as well as having the tracking number for your order.

Let me know if you have any other questions! Happy to help!


Thanks for the update.

A couple more weeks of waiting it sounds like.


Yeah, thanks for your patience with this though! We really appreciate it!


While not wishing to add unnecessarily to your work load I wonder if you can advise me similarly, I leave in 3 weeks time for an overseas holiday and it seems highly likely that the package will now arrive while I am away.

I have changed my shipping address to the main receiving store at my former employer and need to advise them once I have the shipping notice. I will also have to arrange customs clearance from overseas,

Far from ideal but and far from risk free. I appreciate the efforts that Particle have taken to get the product right and to keep customers informed.

Any insight you can give me would be appreciated.


Hey there!

I checked on your order and yeah, it’s in the same boat as the other folks. It’s due to be submitted on Friday with nearly all of the other orders. Since it’s international, it will take a bit longer for shipping like you mentioned. Wish I could give you a concrete day, but since it’s a bit undetermined exactly how many orders will be fulfilled each day, the best I can say is it’ll probably ship late next week, maybe early the week after.

I’m going to be posting a mesh shipping FAQ soon, which will go into this in more depth too. Just a FYI.

Thanks for your patience with us on this! We really appreciate that!


Thanks. I understand the complications. My credit card was cleared today. Since international shipping typically takes about a week there is a high probability that it will arrive shortly after I leave. I can only hope that it does not go missing in the process. I have done all I can to minimise the risk but it is definitely not zero.