Particle Mesh Gateways and MQTT Data Aggregation

Will Mesh Gateways have a larger packet limitation for particle cloud or will they have to manage child data without aggregating it into larger packets? The particle cloud data limitations are already a constraint for some applications and require TCP workarounds. Aggregating data from 10+ child nodes seems to increase the chance of this being a problem in an application…

As my own selfish example, I would love to be able to send packets directly to Google’s Cloud that are close to Google’s MQTT size limitations for telemetry payloads, send an HTTPS POST natively to upload data, or alternatively upload data to Particle’s cloud that can be referenced from a different web application.

Google IoT Core Quotas
(Basically more like 256k rather than 256b)

ASW IoT limitations are similar (128k):
AWS IoT limits

Is there anything planned to coincide with the mesh release that will address this concern or make interoperating with Google and AWS MQTT native or easier out of the box?


@jberi or @rickkas7 can you assist here?