Particle IOS app Question

I have created a function to my app to add remote control of a motor, connected to a PHOTON. The function has 3 arguments “UP”, “DOWN”, and “STOP” and they work.

In the Particle IOS app, I touch my Function, type the argument, and touch “send”.

I notice the IOS app under Functions (at the bottom) has a line which states “(Arguments)”.

Is there a way I can fill-in this area with my 3 arguments?

Right now, a remember the arguments and know that they must be typed in upper case. It would be great to have the possible arguments displayed on the screen as a reminder.


You can always create a Particle.variable() or setup a Particle.subscribe() (to trigger a Particle.publish()) which will give you the list of possible arguments when needed.
Alternatively you could Paticle.publish() a list of possible arguments whenever your function detects an invalid call (or setup a ? or HELP argument to do that).

You could also make your function case agnostic so that you don’t need to remember using upper case.


Hey, another way around this is for you to create 3 could functions called motorUp(), motorDown() and motorStop() so you do not need to enter any parameters in the iOS app.

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