Particle in the Enterprise


Still nothing official, but @will might know more about the Broadcom/Cypress license side of that topic.


Hey folks! We’re now unblocked by Cypress and will begin investigating WPA Enterprise shortly. We can’t make any promises around the timeline of delivery, but will be sure to provide the community with updates if/when we have example usage that you can help us test!


YES! I came to do my monthly check on this expecting no progress and am extremely pleasantly surprised.

I look forward to testing this. My employer has crazy Wi-Fi setups.


Glad that you came back to ping us and glad you were pleasantly surprised :slight_smile:

Our current plan is to include WPA enterprise as the flagship feature for v070 – keep your eyes pealed for pre-releases!


In a university environment (eduroam) WPA-Enterprise support is essential. I can’t deploy without it.


Any comment on what specific features will be supported?

I’m specifically looking for support for EAP-PEAP. :grinning:


I imagine it’ll support everything that the Broadcom WICED SDK supports, which is everything that a lot of mobile phones and a lot of tablets support (which is just about everything under the flippin’ sun.)


@will Any news on the v0.7.0 release?


There’s a ‘firmware update thread’ that you can follow over here:


We’re working on a release candidate now and are hoping to get it out next week! We’ll update the thread referenced above when the release goes live :slight_smile:


@will any word yet, I’m presenting to a major hospital and would like to have a projected date at least.


This has slipped. :smile:

Any new ETA? :clock1030:


That’s the problem with providing an expected release date – sometimes they slip :frowning:. Apologies for that.

We expect the v070 pre-release to be out soon (within 2 weeks).


I believe we can follow the development by watching the feature/photon/wiced-3.7.0-7 branch from the firmware repo.


@will any news on 0.7.0 ? I checked the firmware thread, last post was regarding 0.6.2. Just seeing if there is an update.


Hey folks! We’re on the doorstep with v070, after a number of last minute challenges, including licensing changes to FreeRTOS that required special attention.

v070-rc.1 is due for release this week with WPA Enterprise support.


You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. This is fantastic news.


Wanted to update this thread to note that we have the release pulled together including all dependency issues with WICED and FreeRTOS, and are awaiting a final countersignature from Cypress on the licensing agreement we both agreed to.

It is taking some time to get through their legal team but we are following up daily. Apologies for the continued wait…


WPA Enterprise support is here! Check out the latest pre-release firmware 0.7.0-rc.1 and setup instructions here:

Looking forward to discussion in the thread over there!


This is such wonderful news! Thanks Particle Dev team for listening to users and implementing new features!