Particle identify command doesn't show ICCID and firmware version with OS 1.4.4

Hi there,

I’ve noticed, particle identify doesn’t show ICCID and firmware version if the Electron LTE is running on 1.4.4.

If I go back to 1.2.1 (didn’t test any other between, as this is my stable configuration for now), it will show again. Is there any other command which will show those information’s with 1.4.4?

ICCID is important for me, as the Electron LTE doesn’t work in Europe, where I’m, so I have to store the information until the device arrives at the customers location in the US, in order to finish the setup.

That shouldn’t be the case. I took and Electron LTE and flashed it with 1.4.4 and Tinker:

particle update
particle flash --usb tinker

Then put it in listening mode (blinking dark blue) with the MODE button, then:

particle identify
Your device id is 39002700xxxxxxxxxx363933
Your IMEI is 35xxxxxxxxxx136
Your ICCID is 8901410xxxxxxxxx813
Your system firmware version is 1.4.4

The next step is probably to try 1.4.4 with Tinker instead of your application firmware to see if that makes a difference.