Particle.function and Particle.Variable not working on 1.0.1 when Update is Pending. Help

I am using OS version 1.0.1 on my P1 products. When an update is pending, and the device is connected the events are working however, the cloud functions and variables NOT working (not able to access/use them).
All my OS 1.0.1 devices have System.disableUpdates called and wait for System.pendingUpdates is true and then System.enableUpdates can be called when user chooses via the Cloud Functions.

This was working fine (tested multiple times) until earlier this week. Has Particle changed something that doesn’t allow this. If so this has broken the OTA on all my products. Can someone from Particle please help.

I realise that 1.2.1 has OTA Update Features but I liked my approach until this has stopped working.


Here is my code

#include "Particle.h"

String myName = "hello";
void setup() {
  Particle.function("test", test);
  Particle.variable("name", myName);

void loop() {}

int test(String name) { return 0; }

Replacing PRODUCT_ID and PRODUCT_Version with your details. If you set up two different firmwares you and put the device on update mode and then restart the device (not updated) the device will not give you access to the Particle.functions/variables.