Particle electron + xbee

I want to use like 20 xbee distributed along a forest
humidity sensors will be connected to the 20 xbee
I want to use a master xbee to receive all the humidity information (could be?)
and I want to connect the master xbee to an electron, so the electron will send
the information to thingspeak to monitor the 20 sensors.

is it possible to do that?
any tutorial?
any idea?
any idea about the sensors network?
how to coonect the master xbee to an electron?

When I was at the university I used xbee with digimesh with arduino. they worked great. You could attach master to electron through uart (I haven’t used an electron yet but I guess they have a second uart, don’t they?)

I think xbee had an interrupt pin when a packet arrives. So you could detect it in the electron. In other case, you should poll the uart interface to check if there is any packet waiting.

Xbee modules have some digital pins. But I don’t know if you could read a digital sensor (lets say a dht22 for instance). Maybe what you get on the other side is the raw value and then you need to process.