Particle Electron logic pins

Hello, the particle electron has 3.3v logic level, right? I just want to confirm, specifically for I2C pins.

That is true and stated in the datasheets

Thank you, I’m planning to connect a 3.3v logic sensor to the i2C pins on the particle electron, but I noticed it says FT for the I2C pins, so I wanted to make sure. Do you think I should use a logic level converter to be safe?

FT means these pins - while being 3.3V natively - can tolerate 5V signals too.
Particlularly for I2C the high level is not provided by the sensor or the controller’s GPIO but via the pull-up resistors and the GPIO or external sensor merely pull the level down and 0V is the base line for 3.3V just the same as for 5V sensors.

Thank you!

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