Particle Electron Candy Machine

Hi all,

This year I(with a lot of help from @BulldogLowell) made a candy machine! It’s powered by a particle electron, so when someone presses a button, the electron publishes a message, and through IFTTT, I get a text from when it was pressed. There are two dispensers, each with a stepper motor. There is also an LCD to display information. After a trick or treater presses a button, there is a ten second cool down so people can’t spam the button. The overall software was very good, the only problem I had was little kids sometimes: holding the button down, pressing it multiple times, and trying to turn it… Besides that it worked really well so hopefully you guys can make something like this too! I’d say the coolest aspect of this is that both of the dispensers are 100% 3D printed-taking over 120 hours. If you want the code or the files, please email me at

So you’re not freaked out, I’m 13 so the kids were fine with me taking a picture of them :sweat_smile:.
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This is great thanks for sharing!

Any video of it in action?

Thanks for showing us. Probably another Elon Musk on its way :slight_smile:

Sweet :slight_smile: Nicely done. Congrats. For future perhaps a voice driven dispenser that could understand ‘Trick’ or ‘Treat’ :slight_smile: