Particle Device OS Updates Thread

Hey all!

We updated release/stable and master branches of the firmware repo to be current with release/v0.6.0.

:exclamation: release/stable is taking the place of latest which will be deleted :no_entry_sign:

Because we had to force push these changes, you’ll likely have merge conflicts if you git pull the latest changes for those branches. Because of this you will need to hard reset your local copy of each branch to match the remote.

:warning: Before doing this, make sure you save any changes you have been making in your local copy of release/stable or master (hopefully you are not doing that though and using a feature/branch based on these ;-))

Hard Reset release/stable

git checkout release/stable && git fetch origin && git reset --hard origin/release/stable

Hard Reset master

git checkout master && git fetch origin && git reset --hard origin/master

You should now be sync’d up again with the most recent release/stable and master, you will see:

HEAD is now at d17554a automate the Core build and binary collection

Just to reiterate from last time:

We also have release/stable-0.5.x which is the latest 0.5.x default release (as of this post it’s 0.5.3)