Particle Device OS Updates Thread

Firmware release 0.4.6 has shipped for all platforms.

Changes in 0.4.6



  • [photon] WiFi.selectAntenna() setting is persistent, so the last selected antenna is used when the
    device is in safe mode. [#618]
  • Detect when the cloud hasn’t been serviced for 15s and disconnect, so device LED state accurately
    reflects the connection state when the application loop has stalled. #626
  • Compile-time checks for Particle.variable() #619
  • [photon] Increased retry count when connecting to WiFi. #620
  • Setup button events #611


  • UDP.receivePacket() would fail if UDP.setBuffer() hadn’t been called first. Thanks @r2jitu.
  • [photon] Default SS pin for SPI1 now set to D5. #623
  • [photon] Long delay entering listening mode. #566
  • [photon] Solid green LED when WiFi network cannot be connected to due to invalid key. (The LED now blinks.)
  • [photon] Storing more than 2 Wi-Fi credentials would sometimes give unpredictable results.
  • [photon] TX/RX pins did not work after entering listening mode. #632
  • [photon] Improvements to I2C for MCP23017 / Adafruit RGBLCDShield. #626
  • [photon] Incorrect wakeup time set for sleep. #653

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