Particle Dev "Waiting fore core..."

Trying to find my devices (they are confirmed in listening mode and connected to my laptop by USB and I have an active internet connection).

For some reason when I click identify device or setup device WiFi it gives me this .GIF that tells me to put it in listen mode (which it already it).

Also, it’s saying my “core” should be in listening mode but I got a Photon so perhaps that’s causing the issue.

So, what the hell do I do :P? There’s no guides out there that explains this step how to set up your Photon on Particle Dev

This doesn’t seem to work for me either, but you could try the serial monitor of Dev and send “i”

After unclaiming the device and then reclaiming and setting it up using the app, they popped up correctly in the Particle Dev again.

So kind of an annoying work-around rather than a fix but it’ll do :slight_smile: