Particle Dev fails to launch on Windows Vista (and likely older versions also)

Hi Particle Dev team,

There probably aren’t too many folks here that still use older Windows versions, but I dusted off an old laptop of mine with Windows Vista and hit this:
atom.exe - Entry Point Not Found
The procedure entry point RegisterTouchWindow could not be located in the dynamic link library USER32.dll.

This appears to be because RegisterTouchWindow support was first added in Windows 7:

I personally don’t care too much if this is fixed, but it would be nice to have the system requirements for Particle Dev posted on or at least have the installer fail for unsupported versions of Windows. Fixing would be okay too. :smile:


Filed the issue here:

Thanks for filing this issue. I was just disappointed to find out my Vista laptop won’t host Particle Dev. Any standalone alternatives, such as Eclipse, etc?

Is it not supported?

I tried to install Particle Dev on my Vista laptop and ran into a similar problem as the original poster, an error during installation regarding a DLL or entry point. I could try again if anyone interested in the exact message. Microsoft has done a good job of stuffing landfills with old computers. (Actually I retract that – MS has done a better than expected job of retaining legacy applications, but probably security concerns have driven a lot of the core changes. Still wish the older stuff would continue working. The software generations are so short now that it is expensive to keep current).