Particle Dev compile or flash not working first time

Hi All,

I have a weird thing going on, I don’t think it used to do this…

If I take some working code that compiles correctly, and then I make a change in the code, for example leaving out a “;” at the end of a line -

If I tell it to compile, it comes back with the success message.
If I do this again, without making any change, it does not compile, and gives me the expected error.

Then, when I add the “;” back in and hit compile, the first time it still gives me the error. When I hit compile a second time, it gives the success message.

A similar thing is happening with the Flash command, when I first flash after a compile, it does not reflect the last changes that I’ve made to my code. I haven’t tested this part too much.

Any ideas? I’m seeing this while using Particle Dev on a Mac running OSX 10.13, working with an electron.

Can’t wait to hear some ideas about what this is… J

This is the same as this Compiler problems since 0.6.3 with Desktop IDE


Could you describe your environment a bit better please?

  • Particle Dev included in the Atom Editor or as a single instance?
  • direct access via your private router at home to internet or any proxies?
  • are you flashing your Electron over the air or via USB?
  • could we have an eye to your code?

I’m using the Particle Dev with the Atom Editor, my router is pretty simple, no proxies, just a cable modem with it’s built in Wifi, it’s a motorola Surfboard. I’m flashing OTA mainly, but also doing some locally via USB, the problem is mainly noticed when flashing OTA, but sometimes I’m sending the binary locally over USB. I haven’t seen any issues flashing over USB, but getting to that point can be problematic, where you don’t really know if the firmware is correct unless you compile it a few times to make sure all the changes made in the editor make it to the binary.

I’m mainly following this issue in the thread that @Viscacha directed me to.