Particle Cores eventually stabilise

When I power on my Particle Cores they seem to take about 15 minutes to eventually stabilise and start behaving themselves.

Prior to that, they connect and disconnect, flash orange, green etc, and basically act up.

But I’ve just left them plugged in and eventually they have settled down and are just running through their code now without issue.

Having said all that…I’ve just noticed that perhaps the main reason they’ve stopped misbehaving is because they’ve actually frozen? Either that or I’ve come up against a spark/publish spark/subscribe limit and have been muted.

I’m a bit lost at the moment and some help would be appreciated.


P.S. I was monitoring the dashboard log for events and the events stopped coming in. But then when I refreshed the page the events started coming in again.

@daneboomer, it’s kind of hard to help without understanding what you have hooked up to your Cores and seeing your code!

Sorry peekay, fair point. I have nothing hooked up to them. I will install on them some barebones code which does nothing and see what the result is.

@daneboomer, I suggest flashing the latest Tinker since it is a well known and working app :wink:

Interesting. I have flashed them with the example “Flash an LED” app and they seem instantly stable. I’ll try re-flashing one of them with the code I had been using