Particle core not connecting to blynk

So i’m trying to connect my particle core to blynk and it doesn’t detect it, it detected it before but now it doesn’t
could it be that i fried a component in my particle core?
I can still flash code to it so i don’t know
the problem happened when i connected 2 3.6V 2500mA batteries (making 7.2V together) to my core
It was working for a bit and then it stopped connecting to it
any help would be appreciated

thanks in advance.

@Zilian, hooking 7.2v to the Core’s Vin (I assume) would most likely damage the onboard LDO regulator which has a maximum input voltage of 6v. Does the core power up via USB?

Your only alternative besides replacing the regulator is to power the core directly via its 3.3v power pin with ONLY 3.3v (!). You should try this before declaring your Core officially dead.

It does connect with the usb
even with the usb it doesn’t connect to blynk, i can still flash to the core

@zilian, if the Core runs with USB then that is good news! Your Core may not be damaged. Try flashing Tinker to your Core to see if it connects to wifi and the cloud. If that works, then you can go from there with Blynk.

tinker works, i can’t seem to connect to my wifi when i’m supplying the spark core with 3.6V through vin and gnd though

is 3. 6 volt not enough?

EDIT ok so 3.6 volt is probably not enough

is it possible to change 7.2V to 5-6V?