Particle console GET issue - doesn't seem to be parsing my data string


This is my first post. Hope it is in the right area.

I am trying to post 4 variables into my own website using webhook. I can see that my data is getting to the console in the correct format, this is the RAW data… see below.

{“barpress”: “25”, “temp”: “90”, “humid”: “89”, “vin”: “14”}

When i go into custom settings, i can set the “vin” (and each of the other variables) for example equal to {{{PARTICLE_EVENT_VALUE}}} in which case i get the ENTIRE data string in each value for each of the 4 variables.

If i leave it blank, i get nothing in the value for the variable. see below:

The HTTP request sent ( I copied from console) to the webhook url (editing out the actual site info)

GET /my----.php?barpress=&temp=&humid=&vin= HTTP/1.1 User-Agent: ParticleBot/1.1 ( host: Connection: keep-alive

So, any thoughts?


there must be something about posting a question that makes the answer so obvious… i just ran across the answer… i need to put {{{yourVarName}}} in that field.