Particle Argon blinking orange 3 times



I noticed 8 days ago my Particle Argon quit publishing events, and today I physically rebooted the device (weather station) and it attempts to connect to the Internet and gets 3 orange blinks. It tries a number of times, and then goes to fast blue blinking.

I have performed a factory reset (wait until blinking white), reset the Wifi network and password, and it is still doing the same thing, can’t connect.

I have the Wifi antenna installed.

Any advice?



This would fit to that

Try putting your device in DFU Mode and run these

particle keys doctor <yourDeviceID>
particle keys server


I will try that. Any idea how this happened?


There are some ways that we know of (e.g. prolonged absence of the device - talking months rather than days tho’, brownout which may result in corrupting the flash where the keys are stored, mistakes when flashing via dfu-util, bad code, …) but none of these seem to apply to your case.


I’m experiencing this again. I even reset the device to factory settings. I ran the commands but it still blinks red 3 times. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks!