Particle Apocalypse - Geomagnetic storm

What if Geomagnetic storm destorys particle website: disappear online, build & forum. So, what will happen to breathing light and

Is there another

What if we get hit by meteorites, or nukes…

With these kinds of events, there are often issues that are a bit more concerning than what my devices would do.
That said, worst case, the servers fail, and the system/cloud will be offline. The likelihood of the happening globally is very slim. Normally, these service providers (amazon, etc), have measures in place to reduce the risks of these kinds of scenarios happening in the first place. If this does happen, I’m pretty certain there are back-ups that could be used to restore services as soon as possible.

If that doesn’t happen, there’s still the local cloud that can be used, and you can compile offline, so that shouldn’t stop you either. Since the Particle devices aren’t dependent of the Cloud, you could still use them on their own with direct server connections.

If I’m not mistaken, there are also plans to install servers in other parts of the world. Mostly to spread load and reduce latency, but ‘apocalypse avoidance’ is a nice side benefit.


Fun question! We have a team of engineers (myself included) who worry about this sort of thing all the time. Having redundant data-centers spread around the world helps with this sort of thing, as well as lots of good backups.

I imagine though if we were knocked out by a solar flare, most of the power grid / internet would be down. But always a good idea when using a network device to plan on being offline at least some of the time. :slight_smile: