Particle API Down?

My [Electron] devices have just successfully published. indicates we should be okay again.

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Spoke too soon, they are now failing to connect in the same way once more (rapid flashing cyan, sometimes going to rapid flashing red and then returning to rapid flashing cyan). is also showing a latency increase again.

Aaaand back again…

Hmmm I still cant seem to connect. I had it when it was back up and running but not anymore. It looks like from the system metrics that its been up and down all day

One of 4 of my devices won’t connect since the outage. It blinks Cyan fast with an occasional 3 slow orange blinks. I’ve already tried power cycling it several times. Any chance it’s been blacklisted?

It looks like things are going to be pretty hit or miss for awhile. I’m sure the guys at particle will get it sorted out. Looks like they are rolling out a rather major dashboard update today.

Performance is still degraded, the team is working on it. Keep your eye on the status page!


Sounds like @zach and the particle team have sorted things out. Both my Electron and Photon are connecting happily again to the API.

My device still isn’t connecting :cry:

Entering listening mode and or DFU mode and then power cycling fixed my issue.

I have 100 electrons in the field in remote locations – for eight of these, the only thing we could do to connect them back to the cell tower was to power cycle them. The other 92 recovered.

How can I avoid this issue? They are currently running 0.5.0.

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Hello @hwestbrook , Sorry to hear about your issue. It is a bit sobering for me. I am planning on having numerous Electrons in remote areas too. Could I ask a few questions?

I am curious to know what the RGB LED was doing on the ones that did not recover. I had a 0.4.8 that locked up…firmware locked and just had a solid green after fast flashing cyan for a while.
Another 0.5.2 Electron seemed to recover…

I appreciate your real life information.
Did you have any Application Watchdog features active?

Do you know if using the Reset Pin would have restarted the connection or if a full power cycle to reset the modem was also needed?

Curious to ask too…were your devices using Batteries…if so… did you have to unplug the battery or are you using the extra Li+ pin on the Electron through a switch?



The RGB LED was flashing green, similar to when the particle tries to connect to cellular. It never stopped flashing green. I have my electron’s set to manual mode, so they do not normally connect to particle cloud.

I did not have the application watchdog deployed on any of these. Newer versions of my fw have this, but it was not deployed to these. I am not sure this would have resolved the problem, as reset pin didn’t work.

Reset pin did NOT work. Full power reset, pulling both battery and solar input.

My devices are using batteries connected directly to electron JST pin. They are also being fed solar power through VIN. I am going to consider being able to switch lipo power now. However, this seems like it would be an annoying extra assembly step. Have you seen how to do this easily?

If anyone from particle team reads this – do you have any suggestions on how I might be able to do a reset like this in the field?

@hwestbrook I am considering adding the Li+ pin and the VIN PIN along with a DTSP DIP switch.

is the API down again ? Two of my electrons are not able to connect to the cloud since ~1h

There does not appear to be an outage. I just tested an Electron and Photon and they connected immediately, and there have been no other reports.

Hm they are able to connect now . Dont know what the problem was, since they were running ~2days without a problem just for the last hour they failed to connect to the cloud.