P2 based board design

In the P2 reference design it mentions that - The P2 base board in this tutorial is about as simple as you can build. It does not have a fuel gauge or PMIC, and is powered by USB only, with no battery support. There will be other tutorials for more complex power supply designs. Has there been any progress on these designs please?

There is not currently a P2 design with a PMIC and fuel gauge. The MCU is not particularly low-power, so it's not the best choice for battery-based applications unless you sleep most of the time or have another source of power.

However it's also not very complicated to do. You can start with the M.2 battery demo or the B Series SoM eval board design, and just remove the M.2 socket and put the P2 module instead. You just use the 3V3 supply (at 500 mA) and don't need VCC (3V7) at all, other than to feed the 3.3V regulator.

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This would be a Power backup solution. Currently a NiMh battery is used with a charger IC that has become super expensive. Need to be able to check whether LiPo battery is charging, determine a rough SoC (battery gauge IC not required so could just measure battery voltage). Could use a PMIC but can't use one with I2C interface.


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