P1 starts blinking green and never ends

We successfully registered our P1 devices and flashed our code. It runs successfully, at least for a few hours. After a while some of our devices start blinking green and don’t connect to our WiFi hotspot until we reset them. This only happens on a few devices (always random).

Did anyone else have this problem? I suspected a never ending loop in our code, but I have gone through each line and didn’t find any problems. Also, we have the system thread enabled, so it shouldn’t matter if the user code has a never ending loop , should it?

What is the DHCP lease time on your hotspot? By decreasing this, you might be able to cause the problem to occur more often, providing more opportunity for investigation.

Sorry for the late response. Since it stopped as soon as we changed the router I thought it was because of a faulty machine. Turns out the P1 devices just lost power and as soon as we charged them, turned back on again (basically a reset). We upgraded our batteries and the problem is back again.

However, this time we found out a little more. The problem occurs when the P1 is connected to the WiFi hot-spot, loses connection and after that finds the hot-spot again. It blinks very fast (like it does, when it finds the hot-spot right before it connects) and it doesn’t end. We tried resetting the router. As soon as the hot-spot went down, the P1 devices start blinking green at a normal speed (like they do when searching for the hot-spot). After the hot-spot is back up again, they start blinking green fast again.

Since the devices will be autonomous in the future and we won’t be able to reset them manually, this could be a potential problem :confused: