Out of heap a couple times, then works fine

Hello, I must be near the heap limit because my programming looks something like:

magenta fast
magenta slow
magenta fast
green fast
magenta fast
red x8
red x8
repeat 1-2 times, then works to slow cyan

I find it strange that it will eventually work without the out of heap SOS after 1-3 failure attempts?
Each of the retries is automatic, I am not manually trying again.

This is using the webUI (which does not show me code and ram usage) on Firefox. Core unit.

Are you using a Core or a Photon?
If it’s a photon, has your device already been upgraded to 0.4.4 successfully?
If not, try to flash a short (save) sketch via Web IDE first.

I’m not sure if this is still the case with the Photon, but the Core used to revert to the factory firmware when there are several SOS faults in very short succesion.

So when you say it works after a few attempts, have you checked that your device is actually running your code?

To get to the bottom of your original question, can you show your code (or the main parts)?

It is a core unit, and I was able to prove it was running my newest code by a function call, which resulted in a debug message sent through publish()

I guess that would explain it, if it reverted to older firmware that might change the heap usage.

I will switch over to using a Photon, and if it happens again I will try to clean my code up and post it.

Thanks for your time