OTA Update Very Inconsistent, Solid Purple, Hard Fault

I have three devices I’ve been testing a potential Application Firmware release on, and was flashing them to the latest and back all day friday OTA with no issues. All relevant devices are in areas of excellent cell coverage and have previously worked fine.

Now, with the same firmware, same device, I am having a ton of difficulty getting OTA updates to succeed. I’ve opened up some bench devices to see the LED, and I’ve noticed the following behavior:

Begins OTA update and immediately hard faults at start of update process. Repeats for a while.

Begins OTA update and gets stuck on solid magenta until device resets itself and returns the same startup state as after a successful OTA update (minus the new hash as the update does not take).

Works (like 1/20 times).

Remote device - flash starts and never completes, times out, nor fails. Just eventually restarts with no message whatsoever. I have no visibility into it at the moment.

Has anyone else experienced something similar? What is strange to me is that all devices work sometimes but very very rarely, when before they seemed to work very well. Any particular debug code I can add on top of mine to dive into OTA specific events and messsages?

Also strange, things specifically seem to not work for an hour or two, and then suddenly start working across all devices, first try. Not sure what would be causing that so globally, on devices across the country. I’m wondering if it’s possible there could be some kind of issue on the cloud side?