OS firmware versions - OK to use?

I need to update a couple of Electrons in the field and I thought I’d download the OS firmware first so I can flash it via USB. When I downloaded and reviewed the files (1.1.1 and 1.2.1), they all include “+debug”. Are these the appropriate files to use when I have no plans to use the debugger. I apologize for asking a simple question without doing more research, but I’m in a rush to get things done.

Looks like you are in the right track and just have to follow the DeviceOS thread for release/production versions.

As for the debugs flags some are just there so if a developer or Particle team wants to enable DEBUG messages while running code they can do it in a easy way.

Gen2 system binaries always came as debug versions when downloaded from the GitHub repo - so they are safe to use but may be a bit verbose when you initialise a log handler.
Now, it’s just more obvious due to the naming :wink:

If your devices receive a Safe Mode Healer update you usually don’t get the debug versions.

@Gildons and @ScruffR, thanks for the feedback. I simply used particle update and things went fine. I simply wanted to have the binaries with me in case something went awry.

Again, thanks!

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