Opstart problem blinking magenta, blinking fast red,single green - repeat

I had an asset tracker kit working, when suddenly it will not go all the way to breathing magenta after upstart.
It comes to the point where it is blinking magenta, then it blinks fast red 3-4 times, a little green and then blinking magenta and it does that 20-25 times, eventually the red and green blink disappears and it is just blinking fast magenta.
I had another new Electron and swapped it out, programmed it with same firmware and it started up without problem breathing magenta. So no startup problems and that indicate the my first electron now have a HW problem. Any advise to verify HW fault? In the documentation there is a description of SOS pattern with 3 fast red blink then 3 long red blink and then 3 fast red blink again. But my red blink was all very fast…

Program did not work correctly on the new electron! Should it be possible to replace one electron with another if it run the same program/firmware. Or how do I check OS/bootloader versions…

Hope there is a way to recover my electron…
Any suggestion is appreciated.

Can you post a video of that, since blinking magenta is not a common startup code.
You’ll usually only see “blinking” magenta during OTA updates.
Not even Safe Mode does show a blinking magenta phase.

Or are you confusing cyan and magenta?

If it’s in fact cyan, you may search the forum for red burst (which occures in connection with cyan).

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Try updating the devices to the latest system firmware, and then flash something known to be good, like Tinker or Blink an LED. See if that works?

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I mixed up the color names. It was blinking cyan/light blue, and I found the reason. This electron was connecting up to a local particle server, that was not running yesterday causing the red bursts. The new electron came up, because it was connecting to the cloud particle server.
Thanks for your replies.

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