Operation Modes

Hi everyone.
I’m interested in knowing more about the core’s available operating modes. My application will usually send data continuously during a couple of minutes and then will go to sleep mode (if available) during most of the day. But, when that time of the day comes when data must be sent again, I need the core to almost instantly be available to read the attached sensors.
Is there available info on these operating modes?
I’m thinking something like wifi on/core on, wifi off/core on, core off (but can be awaken via a pulse)/wifi on, etc.

Thanks for your comments!

Hi @rpruiz - the Core will have a sleep mode. We’re working on the actual syntax now but it’ll be something like Spark.sleep(600), where the argument is the number of seconds you would like it to go to sleep, and a second optional argument will let you choose what peripherals you’d like to put to sleep. Any more suggestions you have for how you’d like it to work would be very helpful.

There are many folks working on use cases like this and we’d like to make it as painless as possible to manage the Core’s battery life.