Online/Offline events due to constant IP address?

Hi Guys,

I am facing some issues with the photon connectivity. Some of the devices will publish online/offline events after certain days of connectivity. I couldn’t debug all of them because the products are across the USA.

We are having system firmware 0.6.3 in all of them as it’s seem more stable than 0.7.0 and 1.0.0 for us. The one thing I found is when we power cycle the device, it will be stable for almost a month. I tried resetting the device but it wouldn’t help, only the power cycle could make it stable. One thing I am certain is the device firmware is not causing an issue because I flashed it with an empty firmware and the issue continued.

I think that some routers may kick out the devices connected continuously for a certain period. My theory is the IP is stored in SRAM like memory which would only wipe out and assign a new one during a power cycle. I know it’s a wild guess.

Could the IP address be the issue? Is there any way possible for the photon to request for new IP? Did any of you face this kind of issue and fixed it?

As always thanks for your time and help.

If you guys need more info regarding the issue please let me know. It will be very helpful if some of you are kind enough to point me the right direction. Just give me your thought about the issue.


You might want to review how DHCP works (Assuming you aren’t using static IPs). When a device requests a DHCP address, it is leased from the router. At the end of the lease period it must re-request another DHCP address. The typical lease period is usually hours (8-24) depending on the network (i.e. a coffee shop with a lot of transient WiFi users may have a very short lease period). When that re-request takes place the router is not guaranteed to give out the same IP. It typically does but it is not obligated to. This process could cause a disconnect event to take place and would be considered normal for the network.

Are you saying that the Photons do not recover after the disconnect or is that just concerning to you?

Thanks for the reply ninjatill. I will look into DHCP. The photons will be stable around 1 month and then it publishes continuous online and offline events. The devices will recover from lost connection but publishing continuous online/offline events after that. Some of them will goes offline and never comes back. Maybe there was some issues with connecting to the particle cloud.

The main concern is even the reset couldn’t help the device but power cycle can. Do you know is there some difference in power cycle and device reset like clearing some memory?