Offline Toolchain for Linux ignores system_mode

Dear all,
I followed the process on this site so that I am able to build system und user firmware offline. Everything is described like on the site and the Electron updated to the latest version.

If I now enter SYSTEM_MODE(MANUAL); that is completely ignored. So if I just use the code to blink an LED the first thing what the Electron is trying to do is to connect to the internet --> the assumption is, that it ignores the SYSTEM_MODE and than the standard comes in (automatic) which first tries to get an internet connection.

Can you confirm, that this is an error? How to proceed here? Because if you don’t have a SIM-Card or bad connectivity coverage and just want to try your Code but not Publish to the Cloud, this is a huge problem!

@mojo90, posting your code would be helpful. Which directory are you compiling from?