Not All Data Being Returned

I’m tryting to create this project and when I go into my console and click on the device to see what i being returned, I’m only get the date and the Home team abbreviation.

I realize there are a lot of parts to this project, but I’m going to start here has the Photon does have some feedback.

The scores and time are also not being projected back to the Mega either.

Any pointers are greatly appreciated.

You should check the data that comes into your void got_scores(const char* event, const char* data) function to see whether the format has maybe changed.

By adding some extra Serial.print() statements you may be able to find where the parsing is failing.

BTW, I’d do the parsing quite differently (e.g. by means of sscanf()) and avoid String and strdup() and the likes.

From what I can see and find out, the data coming into void got_scores(const char* event, const char* data) is still the same/correct.

I’ve tried to place the Serial1.print() into a couple of different places and I’m not getting anything back. Now, I’m not the most trained programmer and have very limited skills. Any pointers are greatly accepted.

If you want to check the RX/TX (TX Photon --> RX Arduino and RX Photon <-- TX Arduino and same baudrate on both sides) communication between the two controllers (although I don’t understand why the Arduino is needed) I’d suggest you write the most simple test program imaginable to get that working first and only then move on.

Juggling too many unknowns at once will usually get you nowhere.

I hear ya!! I'll pick away and head back to the beginning.

I tried to get the code to Serial.print() out to the Terminal on the Mac, but no luck. Used the Particle IDE (desktop), opened the serial monitor, but nothing exported.


If you have some code, it's always best to share your version. Refering to someone elses project and just assuming yours is the same rarely helps.

Does a simple project that merely prints some text every second work?

As said, you first need to know your environment and its behaviour before you can dive into a project that may present multiple obstacles concurrently.

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Wow, can't believe it has been this long since I was working on this. Winter went past, busy with lots of other non-related things.

I think the Arduino is used do to the number of wires coming from the 7 segment displays that are being used.