No response from touch screen attached to photon

I am trying to troubleshoot why i get no response from my capacitive touch screen, i am trying to recreate a project i have seen (with permission), i have checked the wiring twice and it all seems correct and i have compiled the code onto my photon from github. Despite all this i seem to get no response from the screen while viewing the console. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Without code/wiring and details, theres not much we can do.


I can provide the link to the project on github, and i have copied the wiring exactly. This is why i dont understand how that project works and mine does not.

That’d help :wink:

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I’ve compiled the code and found no problems.
I am considering if the screen does not work ?
I have tried a test program someone wrote which i can copy across too but i am gettign i2c error 3 80 in the serial monitor so i cant tell if it is working or not now