NFC wrapper with more functionality?

I find the NFC library built into the Device OS to be severely lacking for my use case.

Is there a library / wrapper that will add more functionality?

Specifically, I’m looking to use the application/vnd.wfa.wsc standard on the Argon & Boron’s built in NFC-A tag. I’ve been successful with a raw payload that I copied from another working tag, however I’d like to customize the network SSID, key, etc.

Hi there!

Yes, I don’t believe that there is support in Device OS for the kind of customization you’re looking for. The supported TNF values include text and URL. There is not built-in support for sending credentials, and I’m not sure you could even fit the credentials information in the 255 maximum supported length for tag data even if you did manually generate the frame.

Unfortunately, I don’t know of any library / wrappers that offer this functionality, but I defer to this Community in that regard.