Newbie question re POE


I’m just starting out on my electronics journey and learning as I go. My background is software and server infrastructure.

My normal dilemma I think of when planning ideas is how do I power it. Most ideas I have are about logging data, ie temperature, sensor state etc.

Ideally, rather than consider rechargeable batteries I’d like to power via poe as this isn’t going to require any electrician bills. Ie to put mains socket into airing cupboard.

Is there a means to power photon via poe? I’ve existing poe kit, Access Points , so running cat 5 to various locations isn’t a problem.


I would just use a PoE power splitter. Many manufacturers make them; one inexpensive one is the TP-LINK TL-POE10R. It has a LAN in and out, and a barrel connector power output that can be switched to 5, 9, or 12 volts. If it’s just the Photon, you can use the 5V output with an inexpensive 5V to micro-USB power cable. Or you could power, say, the Particle relay board, at 12V using a barrel connector power cable.

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Great! That looks like the perfect solution…

Many thanks!