New Particle SIM Cards - Beta Testing Needed!


I am based in Italy, willing to test one! I am currently using two electrons, and the coverage is fairly poor with the existing carrier…ideal carrier to switch is TIM…any plan?


I signed up!

I have the 3G-U260. I hope this beta goes well!


I have a dozen Electron 3G AUS/US devices, which I am running some field testing with. Let me know if you need a beta tester for Australia.


I have U270 and I am in Indonesia. Thanks


Definitely! Please sign up if you haven’t already


awesome! Hope you signed up!


The updated carrier list will include Rogers as well as several other carriers in Canada.


Alright. Thanks for the info.



I’m in Spain working with 10 Electron units and increasing



Most definitely interested …I’m am in Canada but we are going to deploy about 1000 electrons …within the next year …Might need a few of these


I am interested, if the pricing of the new SIMs will be more competitive.
Currently I am using a European VMNO, the SIMs have global roaming and the pricing in Europe is $0.15 per MB. Prepaid, no monthly fee.
Compared to this, the Particle SIM with $0.99 per MB and $3.00 monthly fee is way to expensive…


I am based in USA, Michigan. I do have 3 electron development boards. I am working on asset tracker - iOS app development.


@kmmonk I received a SIM in the mail yesterday. Do I need to activate it via the or is it already activated? No Instructions were included.


I was working on sending that email out right now! Stay tuned.


Quick update from a day of using the new SIM card to send GPS Position updates while driving across town.

It’s hard to quantify without doing a side by side test but to me, it feels like the connection times to go from blinking green to breathing cyan “Particle Cloud Connected” happens quicker than with the older card.


hello, if you are still looking for a tester i submitted an application today. i have a 2G & a 3G electron. in Tucson,AZ area. i have been having difficulties with the 2G staying connected for a day. I figured the 2G was phased out of access here. the 3G as well has problems staying connected but works better than the 2G. i had turned them both off a while back since it’s been impossible to have anything near a reliable performance from them. i’d be interested if a new card would change things although t-mobile does not have a good network performance here. i used them on a few phones for a year about 2 years ago and did not have much luck. my phones are now on at&t but the signals strength is not what i had hoped for. i’m located 600 ft with line of sight from tower and signal strength is usually 100-110dBm/31ASU. but, the signal is continuously present. while t-mobile signal would completely drop/return even while stationary. anyway, willing to try if still accepting testers.


Are testers still needed …I sent in an application a while ago but received no answer


@jade7272, if you are an international (non USA) tester there is no point. The international activations are not working. I believe Particle is working on other solutions.


I’m in the US and haven’t received any response yet.


I think we’re set on testers at the moment but thanks for inquiring though!